शुक्रवार, 7 सितंबर 2012

I am soaked in motherhood............

I am soaked I a short of  words but my heart is filled with the --words of expression,childhood memories and best motherhood time .I am all soaked from the bottom of my heart to the core .Life has given me one of  the best gift  , my son -Advit. Daily we do new activities and his new exploring things make me feel out of the world. Even, I adore his tantrums.He copy my expression,my words,activities and what not ..It will be three yrs in nov but first when I experience him till date life has the biggest mood swing and I became what I can never imagine of myself to be ...He let me learn so many things, yes ..I learn from him ..his coming make me a new person- I crochet , blog, Bake, cook, polite,patient and lot of positivity..He is my buddy ..but I a mommy and that to a typical dominating mom and he is as cute as all son are..
  • I am so much thrilled when he learn what I say( I like to dominate ;))
  • If I put a medicine on my feet(as I got hurt ) he came and said ohh u r hurt mommy U need hug .
  • .sometimes he get hurt say ..I need Icepack (ohh really u know so much)
  • If I have tension on my face he release in a minute by saying are you okay mommy ?(awww..that means a lot)
  • If I am angry he says ....mommy ur so cute (flirt ..)
  • If he is crying for says I am cranky ..हम बहुत रोते  है/ 
  • Saying ...I can help you in whatever work I am doing
  • If anything happen against his wish he says  he/she is not cute ..
  • He greets elders  by touching there feet
  • Say Namsthe to his grandparents on phone
  • He says thanks and when he does something for me Before I says he says mommy say Thanks
  • In the park he just make a mess 
  • with Paint he make his dress and shirt in a new manner ..
  • I am soaked in love and affection of my child 
  • These days are some time is tiring and exhaust sometimes but these things are for 10 yrs only (may be even more or less)then there will be no more soak
  • I treasure them in collage/ hard drive/online and much more.Above all in the eyes n heart all things went like a movie .
Future is hidden but the present is so beautiful.I am not only mother, doing this but I am only mother for my son doing it  .I am ideal for him--this feel drench my heart and make me feel expressionless.The  trust love and affection of a child  on mother is so much I still need my mom I know her and love her even more .