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Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon -.Every body know him ...........but when I get a chance to read him  first novel I do not know him ..I heard name but not sure in reference to what ..I was a teenager and went to a place where I just took this book to pass my time ........and   what i do not left this till i request them to borrow for 2-3 days ...............and i finished and return it on next day ..............Can you believe it .!!! neither do I Than I find myself to be voracious reader of good novels .........still hanging for it .............
A stanger In the Mirror-Tody wants o become a good actor .He became a good actor .-.He met hos daughter and her wife Jills .he met with an head injury accident come out of it and becme happy.
Are You Afraid of The Dark - Kelly harris and diana Stevens and Kinsely comapny working husband.died one day ,his wife though he was murdered He was working n environmetal project in Kinsley cmpany Kelly and diana safeout of kinsley Kelly was responsible as she was a model and illtreaed child hood.
Morning Noon And Night - A man with  3children.He was millionaire CHildren are separed by hm and living independently .He try to escape but one day he was murdered by his son.
Nothing Last Forever- Three women live toghether and have different profession and murdered by one of his friend .
The Naked Face-Dr.Steven Judel a physcoanalyst who prefe taling many cases and liked by many person.Anne balke and her husband Anthony killed man person and then

The Sky is Falling -This is about a news reader Dans He wa sfamous when give direct repor on Sarajero.

These below lnks are taken from Wikipedia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidney_Sheldon 


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