रविवार, 24 फ़रवरी 2013

Teaching to grow(Embryo)

When the baby is born everything is different .As the baby is embryo the teaching is all begin.With the big hormonal change keeping the feeling normal and stay happy is the big challenge .First bond of love and life is building.You need to plan and will miss it one day You are lucky to get pregnant .Only first one is hard rest all are then ,casual easy and realize when you saw pictures .. (trust me )

  • Think Simple 
  • Stay Happy
  • watch happy comedy movies 
  • Talk nice 
  • Feel nice about the baby 
  • Think what you want in the baby 
  • Join forum on social site 
  • Avoid the stress and negativity
  • Away from negative feelings 
  • Read about baby 
  • Make notes ,share feeling  with loved once 
  • Get intense mature 
  • See plan and execute you wish to have in your kid
  • Prepare your kid for the world
  • Read the holy books 
  • Well, I feel if I read books till graduation I save a a lot of money ;)(try it share you experience how much it worked).
  • Be mature and funny 
  • Have  a roller coaster of crying sad happy and funny @the same time
Enjoy the time and best of luck for the pregnancy ..........