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Silent Speech ’’ – my entry to the GetPublished contest’’

‘' Silent Speech ’’ – my entry to the GetPublished contest’’

   the main protagonists.
  Rahul --who met with an accident went in comma and lost his ability to walk.

The Story 
An introvert person  "Rahul "with an emotional heart -- see his life changing every moment and get stabilize for years to wait for death .He debar to show his right on his feelings,movement,tears smile and speech. Reflection of silence was just a touch away. I touched and a pain ponder more intense then any tornado or tsunami .I had shaken up for my whole life still have goose flesh with a thought. Can relate it why he like the song "kasme vadde pyar". Only one record or the joker movie whole day.Empty eyes are searching for his love.His zest made him live but seems practically he lost loved once. Children --there responsibility,education now his health ..where the finance will go -he is in comma  but alive by heart :each injection made him think the cost rather then the recovery he want to open eyes and run but ..what is stopping him..? . He is not unhappy with his situation but surely the environment and those sympathizing eyes gazing and questioning him why you are alive?
Still the search of his love his wife "karuna "and his question to GOD  why him? In all three months he search for  the intense love of a wife so that he can ignore those eyes .Life was tough he is getting closer to instinct better be dead.

  • What Makes This Story ‘Real’ 
 No matter those eyes are always there for all the handicapped people.May be suffers and there  relatives can feel more intense then anyone .But why ?movies /serial/ life/philosophy all show us many faces but again we do the mistake when we saw handicapped person.Our gazing eyes make the person think why he is alive?
  • Extract from the story
 Was that the real touch of my love ?I think.. yes that was the real touch no one can love and care for me so much...
I am nurse ..nurse ? "He was of my father age .he look like my father I know he was close to death but he seems alive even in this comma stage"
nurse how could she be nurse ..where are you karuna?
Sir if u can hear me-- ur in ICU and critical u are under observtion.All ur family members are waiting for you outside .they are really worried and concern about you 
Oh okay...I am happy to hear it
Sir your survival chances are least 
I can't go yumraj ji I have so many responsibility  ...I can't  zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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