शुक्रवार, 10 जुलाई 2009

Life is bundle of surprises

Life is bundle of surprises ……
The turn u decide change its direction jst by one action
U r turned by your own u r mold by ours
U r choices and arguments r use less
The bearing and baring of the part had been given in the particular formats
The style and the perfection have revealed inside one
THE diplomacy and the simplicity merge in it
Swiftly fly the wings in the sky u see u r gone
Break the limits and shift to the part ur heart says .
Ur tears r always in vane ,u r work, ur feelings r always vague
U r smile is fake ,u r doing have no matter u r no where
Ur standings r exceptional,
Never unleash ur thought they hav no respect no hearing
U r presence is ignorant ur bonds might go stronger
Both ends thgd they r compromising they sacrificing they r wrking on relation but all fake ………………

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