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मंगलवार, 20 मार्च 2012

future Language

hw r u ? -- How are you?
fn tnk u--fine thank you
 c u l8r see you later
i wl b l8 2nite -- I will be late tonight
i m gng 2 prty -- I am going to party
r u on nw are you okay now ?
i hv srprse 4 u ..--I have a surprise for you
c u  tmrw -see you tomorrow
ilu--I love you
gth go to hell
i m nt cmg--I am not coming
gr8 -great
TTFn -ta ta for now
i m u 2 -- I miss you too
pl cme b4 8 - please come before eight
c u sn -see you soon
jst4 u -- just for you

AFAIK -as far as I know
AFK away from keyboard
ASAP- asa soon as possible
ATM -at the moment
A3 anyplace anytime anywhere
BRB-- be right back
B4N-bbye for now
CU /CYA -see you
FC - Finger crossed
JK -just kidding
BRT be right there
GMTA great minks think alike
G9 genius
IMO- in my opinion
STATS-you gender and age
Lol --Laughing out loud
PRTY -party
KISS keep it simple stupid
MTE - My thought exactly
OIC - oh I see
PRW - parents are watching
GR8 - great
(: also smiling
:( -sad
@} rose
:D- laughing
:O wow
:-* bitter
:ozz boring
:@ / :(0) shouting
:{} lip lock
:<> surprised
:X shutup
:') laughing and crying
%6 not very clever
;) naughty
:~) cold
:~ angry
:ZZZZ sleeping
:-/ skeptical
:-? smoking
:? what

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