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बुधवार, 15 फ़रवरी 2012

Lost --not only me

I put my wings my down to see the flourishing sky
I sit down to let back people see the world
that does not mean compromising
 then criticizes to see the tears in my eyes --as off no  reasons
Being giving does not mean to be sacrificed
Being replying dose not mean to be argument er
Is the imagination and expandability is so low and confined
The kind of path and thoughtfulness behind any scene and character need to be ignored
Insomniac nights and wet bed sheets lead to know you more going inside of me
need not to pamper me but at least give respect to what I do without any returns
..If I tell you you blame me to be showy and betrayer
If I question you ..you make me a culprit
then I question my friend and she said --you are married ......
We laugh out loud and all sacrifice and argument seems stupid .
Vanish everything like a bright sunlight after dark...

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