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शनिवार, 25 फ़रवरी 2012

A letter from Failure wife

Surprisingly, there are many person who want to have many things ..but I have met with a person who really changed after marriage and the confidence get low too much .....the person get  really  different what she was before ..change is a need of successful marriage but this time with her that goes painful and cannot be expressed in words ....
I know her since childhood.. yes, we are nappy friends ...she is so simple very down to earth easily acceptable to all things and had infectious smile.. she has been in all the years with loads of fun and other things  she can be found in any corner ..when party is there with least amount of words in the room ...I never think she made any big demand from her life... but one day ...I am so called close friend from the bulk of friends I have ...and they all tease me as every body say what's  her problem ...why is she so sad and quite and inert ..?even being close to her and want to know about her problem I am never able to make it she never told me the truth ..in fact,anything ..that what is there in her attitude ..the ultimate thing she want is the BEST WIFE ........yes true...but I never came to know what went wrong ..that lead her to this way mark in her life I want her to be happy and she got married on time although after college I am not in touch as her father is transferred ....also, she do not seems to be interested in exchanging address.So I take it easy from another common friend I came to know she is married and have good life ..I am happy for her at last she got what she want out of her life .....The curiosity make me so so ..indulge that I start looking for her on the social sites and find a profile but no luck !! I forgot and get back my scheduled life ..suddenly one day I got to see a request and see that my that,s friend ..I got excited and try to wait for on chat thanks to phone chat I caught her one day .....she was no more the girl I know ........I am happy to know that her husband love her a lot and she looks stunning and have all things and love around ...she got a son 5 yrs old .....everything sounds good ...I am happy for her ... again and chat on usual basis ...she is groomed , happy, have a job profile of job and well settled life ...again 1yr went like this I got a plan to catch her up in the city where she lives..............I went and  want to meet her so just exchange the address and she came to pick me up ..for a moment I am not able to find who is  she ...?Oh my my !!! that's what i thing came out when I saw her first amazingly beautiful well dressed and nice suv car and confidence with a lovely smile can't correlate her with the girl I have when I am loving it ...She start the conversation and Again a shock for me I went to her beautiful decorated posh house she served me a nice lunch as I am so hungry she cooked all my favorite things ...I am touched she remember everything....I am like your husband is so lucky ..to have you and your dream fulfill ..she laugh with a cry sound and said she is divorced ...............that was a shock for me .....I want to let me know what is the reason for this..........
Her confidence change to confusion
Her beauty change to beast
Her importance change to the ignorance
her love meant to order.............

to be continued ............ 25th March concluding

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