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शुक्रवार, 1 मार्च 2013

Braids n fantasy

Oh my oh my !! this is something  I am waiting to write for long.But it is one of the complex of life ....yes I have it in me and I accept it .

I was in the school of 90's very strict ,type cast and straight not that glamorous school now ...we have the strict rules and we follow ...When I see today's kids in school they are having fun like anything nail paints,hair accessories I am sure rules are there but they have an option to work on it .We have nothing allowed not even heena in hands only red ribbons.Today, the school girls look great ..we look typical boring person.We just wait for the college to do all this.I enjoying watching my college going relatives with full of accessories and new dresses all the time specially the matching hair accessories .. When I see the girls in class with long beautiful hair and nice braids with two velvet ribbons or one at times I got pinched ,I have small hair but  long hairs are  eye tonic for me ;) and find them lucky to have it.My mom was working and it is difficult for her to manage my hairs.I have boy cut to sadhna cut to steps cut that's it whole my life ...I regret it I feel I need more hairs and will not go to barber at all ..I cry but my dad is super dad and convinced me to cut the hairs .... I was surprised by the incident when my school friend with long hairs said she wish to have hair like me ..I m like are you kidding me ..You must have big hairs she said I do not like to look same all the time I want ponytail  or open hair (In my school we cannot have the long hairs without braid)..I was so shocked and feel that no one is happy of what they have ......but I make the khajoor chooti  at times and feel happy :)....

When I am looking for the soul mates there was one more thing I was considering secretly :P as my hair texture is thin I need a person with good hair texture ...sounds funny, but I really looked and get it...
I still have the fascination for it if I had a daughter she must have a long hairs but as it my inner core I love it (i remember agar" kisise ko shidat se chaho toh mushkil se milta hai ").....Still my hair texture is so bad I have splits end but  regular using dove shampoo and  conditioner also cutting on time keeping it till shoulder length ..I am trying ....hope till I die I have good white  hairs ...:)
When I see Disney princess  I m in  love with the hairs few of them have long hairs naturally ...........OMG! this is super liked thing for me..... 

Enjoy writing it and get nostalgic about the class and friends and college mates my fascination n complex  for long hairs ........thanks for the contest ........

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