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सोमवार, 18 मार्च 2013


An idea can change life .I feel it was joke but I in deep corner I believe in it .. if you real passion for it is not a joke .
When I was in my early teenage in 1990's I saw a dream of the old lady tortured by her kids,I got up and that dream come 3 day in a row and this was followed by a dream of combination of the so called ditched by there own family.This dream grow big but still in my heart-- may be in future I can complete it with this hope I  rejuvenated it everyday and will be fulfilled one day .I am taking time because right now this is the time for growing and giving to the family.I am going to live 80 yrs(my gut feeling ;)) I will be free at 50 yrs I have 30 yrs left and definitely I have the capital to start it for sure .I do not know what gives me this confidence for this .
A place which has the flow the flow of money,person, resources and service.
The biggest problem of World is to be alone the time we realize its always too late ..We are young we can  live alone but as we grow old we need family ........when we grow we need family...when we in trouble we need family....I am sure I will start.. Will start from school as I am best at it .:) so far  I know myself

  • Make a school
  • Tuition center 
  • Paid Professional Teaching School
  • Theme Farm (rent for marriage and parties)
  • Kid's castle
  • Travel (Travel packages across the country)
  • Women Professional training center 
  • Service old age home
  • Orphanage 
  • Special school for special needs 
  • Mentally or neurologically challenge person

First, I need to make the money so school is the best to start for .In evening I can open the training center with the major professional centers .The building for the old age couple need life and space and relaxation at that age they can stay there as long as they want I need to divide the building in dependent, independent and medically serious person .Same thing I need to do with the orphanage age wise and need type.The merger of start and end of life going to be lively when helped by the youth .

Travel, theme farm and professional training school will give me money and rest will be on it' own.I know what I am writing seems to be awesome but practically it is not ...Legally,politically and socially the success of it is not a day thing.Just waiting for the day when I understand and keep me mature and strong to keep it up and work I cannot afford it to fail .
I know there are many positive and negative part of it but the infrastructure need to be unbeatable and working.Even if I can make up to one level the flow will be gained on its own.........
I cannot stop walking on slippery surface just because the fear to fall but sure want to wear the right shoes........

I am sure this Idea will change my life

शुक्रवार, 8 मार्च 2013

Women's Day

All are the days of women .But we celebrate and give gratitude and thanks to all the women in the world for what they did . It is just not the word or wish it is by heart acceptance that you can give respect and position of women no matter what.If you do not feel like that then you challenge it by your saying rest day we need not to respect n much more . No one is forcing  you to do so .
But, also challenge mother's day  that she is just a mother for one day rest days she is nothing .
A day is made to take a resolution you will do specific things at that time .
Love and respect is what women needs you cannot catgorise it as mother ,sister or some bar dancer or slut or anything like that they are ultimately women .We women do bitch about it .So a day when women need to feel special about her .

You should have guts  to face and tell the men no matter father,brother or a friend to respect it .
Can you stop your father when talking to your mother in high pitch or someone who is staring your sister with an intention of harassment ?May be you can... most of you can ........
Can you accept and respect your girl friend if she spend a night with you.....?
Can you accept your wife as she is ..?
Can you help HIV women to make her single day good?
Can you tell you mom how much you like to watch sexy women but can't see your wife for it .?
You are in the dilemma of relationship and just being me making you harsh enough to just give an insightful  testimony of women ...
Can you marry your  daughter with  this person  mentality..?
 Anyways I am not judging anything just think why anything with women is so questionable?
I feel may be those people (men n women ) are self obsessed  and never meet the good side of person .

I am not explaining but I am showing you the another part of it .I am not being rebellious or protective but I respect human being and the women who did exceptionally good.I am lucky to have  my mother,my mil,my grand mil ,my sisters ,also thanks to men in life who respect for being what I am ..if not then even I am okay :)..
Men and women are parallel not the rivals. If both spread love n respect life is wonderful ..

शुक्रवार, 1 मार्च 2013


In site of aloofness I find me more and more lost
just come with my out here and there
Bring it once come back and see me
There are so many horrible ways to do
Justify the decision that God made for me
The Maggy out of pot and the pondering and wondering heart
Fails many times to come out of it
There are many greedy places where I find many person
with lot of expectations
The never ending greed of person make him distracted him from path
I am sad from heart not for the one but for many reasons
Me being a person lost in work and world for someone
That someone is busy to take a charge
the newness and kind of many ways have been ended
Just the ashes of the burnt relation that is seen
Even pretend to be happy become so difficult
The few lies in heart make you carry the relationship
no matter how hard it is for u 
The endless senseless fight without reason arguments
The heavy heart of love ..
The question on being  living
The perception of so called healthy and happy
The loss of respect understanding and warmth
What can move the relation ?
The social pressure is moving the relation on ...
The sight of being bound 
The lesson of being together

Braids n fantasy

Oh my oh my !! this is something  I am waiting to write for long.But it is one of the complex of life ....yes I have it in me and I accept it .

I was in the school of 90's very strict ,type cast and straight not that glamorous school now ...we have the strict rules and we follow ...When I see today's kids in school they are having fun like anything nail paints,hair accessories I am sure rules are there but they have an option to work on it .We have nothing allowed not even heena in hands only red ribbons.Today, the school girls look great ..we look typical boring person.We just wait for the college to do all this.I enjoying watching my college going relatives with full of accessories and new dresses all the time specially the matching hair accessories .. When I see the girls in class with long beautiful hair and nice braids with two velvet ribbons or one at times I got pinched ,I have small hair but  long hairs are  eye tonic for me ;) and find them lucky to have it.My mom was working and it is difficult for her to manage my hairs.I have boy cut to sadhna cut to steps cut that's it whole my life ...I regret it I feel I need more hairs and will not go to barber at all ..I cry but my dad is super dad and convinced me to cut the hairs .... I was surprised by the incident when my school friend with long hairs said she wish to have hair like me ..I m like are you kidding me ..You must have big hairs she said I do not like to look same all the time I want ponytail  or open hair (In my school we cannot have the long hairs without braid)..I was so shocked and feel that no one is happy of what they have ......but I make the khajoor chooti  at times and feel happy :)....

When I am looking for the soul mates there was one more thing I was considering secretly :P as my hair texture is thin I need a person with good hair texture ...sounds funny, but I really looked and get it...
I still have the fascination for it if I had a daughter she must have a long hairs but as it my inner core I love it (i remember agar" kisise ko shidat se chaho toh mushkil se milta hai ").....Still my hair texture is so bad I have splits end but  regular using dove shampoo and  conditioner also cutting on time keeping it till shoulder length ..I am trying ....hope till I die I have good white  hairs ...:)
When I see Disney princess  I m in  love with the hairs few of them have long hairs naturally ...........OMG! this is super liked thing for me..... 

Enjoy writing it and get nostalgic about the class and friends and college mates my fascination n complex  for long hairs ........thanks for the contest ........

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