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बुधवार, 19 दिसंबर 2012

Ravan of kalyug

I wrote a poem on dusshrea and feel that the rapist, abusers,killer etc have the ravan in them Keeping them in mind I compare Ravana with it but now I realize  that Ravan got punished for his deeds by God . We aren't that capable to give them the kind of punishment these tragedy doers deserve. Is the death really be a nice punishment for them or there pictures should be in public and hey need to abuse public ally ...I know everyone have a gr8 anger for them but when will it stop it is an individual thought process when these ravan will work up never know .......in how many it is prominent this is so difficult to tell. They should be made impotent or they must be tortured  whole life .........death is an easy way out for them.
Also,I feel more worst for the victims who are innocent but somehow they lost respect and love from near one .The person who recognize the girl and parents they make there life hell.The dilemma of victim to stay alive and zest of life ended in a deep agony.......the mental and emotional imbalance keep them killed form the core of heart...media buy the information and make  it public or obvious to recognize the person.It is  just and addition to the torture .
Will there parents be enough strong to face it and help her come out?
Will her friends and relatives accept her whole kindheartedly?
Will she ever smile lively?