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गुरुवार, 20 सितंबर 2012

I miss him

......I thought I will be happy I have my so called MY Time but .......Nothing happen like that ..
I was just sitting in front of laptop with a 10,000 thought and face of my son in front of me ...really...I am blank and  even write a single word .Got up and do the cleaning chores but in that even if he ia @home we must be doing this that ...I am missing him..so much ..
Its been 2.9 years+9 mths of togetherness made me nostalgic and feel of emptiness in life.. it is tough. I am obsessed with him .. I reach school before time to pick him .and watch him from the window ...When  entered in the classroom he ran and the smile that he showed up I am a soaked and ...I have tears in my eyes I am missing him
I hate schools when I was kid because of homework getting up early and going there is tough task buses n all.Now I do not want my little one get exhausted ...........I mean I miss him ....I love home schooling I can be best teacher for him totally dedicated and devoted but his father is not yet convinced .
The mommy factor is working now .I am into his life so much he is now saying me bye with smile but i am still a criby mom .........
My all my time is in-vain of just ended up in making stuff for him I love you sweet pie ...(if he is @ home he must be saying I am Advit.)
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