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गुरुवार, 20 सितंबर 2012

I miss him

......I thought I will be happy I have my so called MY Time but .......Nothing happen like that ..
I was just sitting in front of laptop with a 10,000 thought and face of my son in front of me ...really...I am blank and  even write a single word .Got up and do the cleaning chores but in that even if he ia @home we must be doing this that ...I am missing him..so much ..
Its been 2.9 years+9 mths of togetherness made me nostalgic and feel of emptiness in life.. it is tough. I am obsessed with him .. I reach school before time to pick him .and watch him from the window ...When  entered in the classroom he ran and the smile that he showed up I am a soaked and ...I have tears in my eyes I am missing him
I hate schools when I was kid because of homework getting up early and going there is tough task buses n all.Now I do not want my little one get exhausted ...........I mean I miss him ....I love home schooling I can be best teacher for him totally dedicated and devoted but his father is not yet convinced .
The mommy factor is working now .I am into his life so much he is now saying me bye with smile but i am still a criby mom .........
My all my time is in-vain of just ended up in making stuff for him I love you sweet pie ...(if he is @ home he must be saying I am Advit.)

शुक्रवार, 7 सितंबर 2012

I am soaked in motherhood............

I am soaked I a short of  words but my heart is filled with the --words of expression,childhood memories and best motherhood time .I am all soaked from the bottom of my heart to the core .Life has given me one of  the best gift  , my son -Advit. Daily we do new activities and his new exploring things make me feel out of the world. Even, I adore his tantrums.He copy my expression,my words,activities and what not ..It will be three yrs in nov but first when I experience him till date life has the biggest mood swing and I became what I can never imagine of myself to be ...He let me learn so many things, yes ..I learn from him ..his coming make me a new person- I crochet , blog, Bake, cook, polite,patient and lot of positivity..He is my buddy ..but I a mommy and that to a typical dominating mom and he is as cute as all son are..
  • I am so much thrilled when he learn what I say( I like to dominate ;))
  • If I put a medicine on my feet(as I got hurt ) he came and said ohh u r hurt mommy U need hug .
  • .sometimes he get hurt say ..I need Icepack (ohh really u know so much)
  • If I have tension on my face he release in a minute by saying are you okay mommy ?(awww..that means a lot)
  • If I am angry he says ....mommy ur so cute (flirt ..)
  • If he is crying for says I am cranky ..हम बहुत रोते  है/ 
  • Saying ...I can help you in whatever work I am doing
  • If anything happen against his wish he says  he/she is not cute ..
  • He greets elders  by touching there feet
  • Say Namsthe to his grandparents on phone
  • He says thanks and when he does something for me Before I says he says mommy say Thanks
  • In the park he just make a mess 
  • with Paint he make his dress and shirt in a new manner ..
  • I am soaked in love and affection of my child 
  • These days are some time is tiring and exhaust sometimes but these things are for 10 yrs only (may be even more or less)then there will be no more soak
  • I treasure them in collage/ hard drive/online and much more.Above all in the eyes n heart all things went like a movie .
Future is hidden but the present is so beautiful.I am not only mother, doing this but I am only mother for my son doing it  .I am ideal for him--this feel drench my heart and make me feel expressionless.The  trust love and affection of a child  on mother is so much I still need my mom I know her and love her even more .

शनिवार, 1 सितंबर 2012

बाबुल तेरी छाव को छोड़ चली में

Today is 1st September papa it's your B'day .Happy B'day papa ...I miss you I wan to be there for you ...but..Papa I write a poem for you ..this is what I can give it you ...with all the best wishes from the corner of my heart.

बाबुल तेरी छाव  को छोड़ चली में
बचपन की अठखेलियों  में साजी यादिएँ साथ लिए
तेरे प्यार की खुशबु को एक नयी दुनियां में फेलाने के लिए
 तेरी कहानियों की सीख से परये घर को अपनाने के लिए
हर कदम तेरी याद  मेरे साथ है
तेरे ही अक्स की हर शख्स में तलाश है
तेरी देहरी ने करा  मुझे पराया है
फिर भी  न जाने क्यों  तुझे ही पास पाया है
आँखों में तेरी छवी की कोई मिसाल नहीं
तेरी बिना  मेरी कोई  अगुवाई नहीं
आज इतने बरस बाद भी नेहर की याद से भीगा है मन
बरस बीतने पे असर गहरा  होत्ता है
न  तेरे पास थी  जब तुने मझे बुलाया
क्यों कर दिया मुझे इतना पराया ?
 अरसे से नेहर की याद  मन में छुपी है
नहीं कोई ठोर तेरे आस की बिना कोई नहीं इतना प्यार दे पाया
तेरे निश्चल प्यार ने बचपन की लड़ा ने-- नहीं होने देता है मुझे बड़ा
आज तेरे किस्से से मेरा  घर  महका है
मेरे जन्मदिन को कितना यादगार बनाया है
आज तेरे जन्मदिन मैंने सच्चे   मन से याद किया है
न जाने यह नमकीन आंसू  क्यों निकल गए
तेरी मीठी यादों को ही केक बना के सुखं पा लिया है
जो तुने दिया उसके बदले हमेशा के लिए दूर जाना मांग लिया है
इस रीत की दिवार में अपने प्यार को रोक लिया है

बाबुल तेरी छाव  को छोड़ चली में
बचपन की अठखेलियों  में साजी यादें  लिए//