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शनिवार, 18 अगस्त 2012

Golden Rules to Start a Bussiness

  • Small Capital Investment   The capital investment should be according to the financial position of besides liabilities we should have some more
  • Work Hard  There is no shortcut of success . Work hard with a real good plan.
  • Prepare you mind   you should have a determination and adman to do it else leave it if yo have one percent doubt in it .Definitely the doubt/dilemma is going to win over you
  • Be Patience Speak less and hear more welcome as many suggestion as you can then sit relax and analyses .writing is the best practice you can do  to analyze your thing.
  • Small Level the level of the business does not depend on your confidence but it depends on the practical viewpoint
  • Do not Dump Your Product that means have a safeguard and planning to 
  • Make your passion your Hobby Hobby as your passion because the zest will make you work more intensely 
  • No Compromise with The Quality  The plan and the quality will not be compromised then only it will be more developed
  • Ready For the Competition  the competition in every field is very tough you will have the infrastructure
  • Work Out For the Quantity of the Product 
  • Intelligent Expenses Handling  The account
  • Be Confident and Clear about the 
  • Professionalism  May be you wish to involve some relatives but the things should be done on the professionalism of it.No matter who the person the policy and term should be clear and straight.
  • Work is work No compromise is needed when it is work time no casual and take it for granted thing should be there.
  • Get Set Go Plan bear and ready to go ahead.
Here are some of the ideas I can suggest : 
  • Hobby Classes 
  • Home food (pickle making, snack supplier in canteen,Masala Powder )
  • Jewelery Making 
  • Craft and art work 
  • Tailoring, stitching  and Embroidery
  •  Teaching Tutor
  • Baby Sitting
  • Writer
  • Iqebana 
  •  STD PCO and Xerox Shop 
  • Bakery 
  • Interior Design 
  • Event Management
  • Agent (Insurance,RD,FD etc)
  • Beauty Parlour and product making 
  • Packaging  
  • Event management
  • Mehandi
Chose yourself What you like and where you wish to go for before choosing just remember you need to make a strong and financially safe plan and mentally ready for all the work forget the word

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