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शुक्रवार, 15 जुलाई 2011

Shubh Gurupurnima

Gurupurnima when we say a word  of thanks  to our teachers  my first teachers were my parents  and grandparents then my brother ,sister  then school teachers……… when I got the baby then I learn a lot like  impossible to possible try try till you succeed  from him of course !  Life is a learning lesson every day.
But my mom always say thanks is not enough you need to be a good human being through life and every situation specially the tough situation you need to maintain the temper and momentum of reflection of what you are ………..I do not know how much I am successful in it …..?
When I sit alone and try to find what had happened and what is happening to my life what I learn was very less and what I learn when I was a student is very less then what I learn when I teach ………….One of the passion of my life is teaching I love to teach…… I am happy I am not the brilliant student but I never disobeyed any teacher ever.
I try to be a good human being but I can’t be the best ...........the good part in me is given by all the above gurus ............despite of there ages .............
Mythological, I thank our ancestors to give us The Vedas(four), The Purana(eighteen),The Srimad Geeta ,The Mahabharata .The Ashadh( hindu month)  is the start of  Chaturmas( four month) the masters and there disciples discourse the  Brahma sutra (written by rishi Ved Vyas).This shows the importance of guru in the life of person .They byheart the holy books and lesson them god bad and all things needed to lead and good discipline life .
Shat shat naman ..............

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