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गुरुवार, 14 अप्रैल 2011

Being Married

All  became an  insecure person .some admit it ..if any person says I am not them i feel that person must be insensitive ....

 Most of us become insecure of losing relationship by any ways and any relation -- even if it is my wallet..my kitchen stuff ..my clothes ..my accessories ..the way I live  ... off course the person who is not near me .......sound funny but that truth ...(miss parents when i am with hubby vice versa )..friend phone calls .. exercise... parlor ...  regular parties ...Shopping ...making and additional  chores to regular work   ...makeup ..dressing well.. sensible utilization of groceries that we  bought ...Kids care and new activities....quality family time ...healthy talks ...gossips ..
Any change in any of the above thing make all really think about it and at time insomnia(if it is .relationship ) ..

We want to cook what hubby wants .....OH REALLY !!!

Healthy.... oily food ,veggies can't cook this much .....blah blah !!

Final result -- what we plan to cook.........I guess so ..:P

Shopping -- We just say its waste what your buying...... I continue shopping for the thing we already  have (shoes,purses accessories, kids clothes  )
A list + 10 extra things per 30 items (forget 2 -3 items)
Collect so many coupons .which at time not find when needed
Dying to go for grocery check the whole shop even I want to buy one item .
Pile up the sale item ......at times really not needed(my bad)
Go in sale and grab the waste (many times )
For one things go to thousands of shops
Shop regularly and say i have done nothing this month .
Love to return clothes
Love to window shop the expensive store ..but when hubby ask to buy then say ..NO not worth it ........U r so used to spend money you work so hard...
If hubby do not take suggestion before buying then will criticizes for higher price forever...... we guess(want to smile at me )

Fights-- Any time --any where--- forever Young 
Forget the main issue go to buried once upon a time  fights ...endless and insensible at times
We do not know why ...we want he should detect my real  reason of anger  (do detectives have good life..? )
Simply sit and mostly moods are opposites one want to relax and other want to work out that day for sure .
When I want to eat spicy he want some junk ...

But really good to be married and led a regular married life joyful life eventful life ..with loads of smile and much more

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