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बुधवार, 15 जुलाई 2009

MBA in Lovology

In cascading pile of boy friendz,
I am searching for true love,
But I was shocked to know it extinct.
Now is the trenz of professional love ,
Where affection turns to expectation,
Blushing switches to smartness ,
Devotion shifts to infatuation ,
Commitment is handled by passion ,
Bonding change to body ,
Trust and sharing replaced by demands and fulfillment,
Beauty change to boldness,
Simplicity change to accessories,
Dedication changes to requirement ,
Roaming in garden ,writing letters ,praying they are outdated,
Now going to disco, late night party, drinks ,money, drugs, independencies ,movies , expoure , disobedience, these are main properties of professional love.join the masters in lovology SUGGESTION FROM A 10YEARS REGULAR STUDENT ,MAY BE I CLEAR THIS YEAR

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