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शुक्रवार, 2 दिसंबर 2016

Tom n jerry of couple started
So the world should have enough laugh no matter they do same behind doors ... 

Deal become my deal n your deal hugged bugged relatives gets there teams 
Bitching backbiting 
strength become weakness 
beauty become beast 
The faith is convineance
Temper is specified 
Culprit is one 
Blame game begins 
Cheat, shatter, hurt ,pain ,agony depression is same 
No guilt ,no respect ,no love ,full lust 
Hate is must 
Hate in relation relatives n sight 
Anger,frustration n aloof of the world 
If u donot earn  ur gone 
Ur judged , insulted ,ruined but work 
Be the tag of being married not impotent not looser ...
Have a maid , anger spitter, kids to prove potency, one sided orgasum 
Bear the crap have a fight for relatives whom u rarely met ...effect ur kids 
Waste your time energy n money get ready for the next day with same thing find new topic 
Bribe to take away kids or home 
 Happy anniversary