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शनिवार, 2 अप्रैल 2016

Lost soul.. lost family. lost you

life has chosen a path for everyone who is born so ,do I was I was favorite child or not but I was there to live and see the things that no one wants to see or even imagine to see.......what should i do should I quit or face it ..HE already decided for us..

you have to find out reason to live if not able to than make the reason to live and uncomfort yourself ..this make you to see the cruelty of live closely
I have to be a reason and my life is a question .
If ,I am sad people need to suggest to move up in your life ..Think different think positive bhagwan ke aage ..(I feel grateful they are there )
If ,I m happy how could she be happy ? How can she has a choice how can she go shopping n eating out ..She don't miss much 
People n relative you r strong !
You are doing the right thing
Wow! You come out of it ..
Really ! I m just saving my self n family to be broken into pieces it is always easy to broke n shatter I m already shattered but, I do not feel enough connected to share n show my broken side to anyone ...I do not care How you judge me I m just seeing if I m in my senses n breathing that mean I have motive n I need to dig hard to find it.
Yes, it was the most unfortunate things anyone has to bear .Me n my spouse die every minute than we see the another child we need to alive again to live for it .
Without caring what the world is thinking n digging the inch of  sadness inside to the outside ...I m really not interested but I do care if my another child is effected 
As he is one who is facing the hardest path ..By losing a sibling ...
I know ,one thing nothing ,gives me n my husband peace, no one can console,no one can respire us ...We are in the deepest sorrow n saga of life each breathe is difficult the time we miss her we want to die n reach out ...
True we r just the puppets almighty have the thread...We are surviving n breathing her inside us talk about her n feel pride the way she lived n her brother n his intelligence n logic to make us believe kids are the purest soul 
N it's terrifically unlawful to breathe without it 
Next time if you meet a parent or sibling who lost there heart please , just be natural the way you are always ...Give them liberty to survive without judging or find the trace of sadness it is really horrible feeling 
I pray to almighty! no one Should ever bear it ...