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मंगलवार, 29 अप्रैल 2014

मेरी किस्मत को तेरी रहमत का मोहताज कर दिया
फिर भी ए बेवफा तूने हमे रुसवा कर दिया
बहुत चाहते थे हम भी तेरे दिल में अपनी जगह बनाये
पर तूने तो दिल ही पत्थर का कर दिया।

हम चले थे एक प्यार का आशियाँ बनाने
तिनके की तरह सब बिखरा तब एहसास हुआ
हम तोह अकेले ही थे
तुम सरक पतली गली से।

न जाने  क्यों इतनी बेरुखी थी
न जाने क्यों  तन्हायी थी
करावा  साथ था फिर भी आँख भर आई थी।

बड़े सपने संजोय थे एक हमसफ़र के
बड़े अरमान थे सफ़र में एक साथ के
आज समझ आया सब एक सपना थे
जिस दिन जागे उस दिने टूट जायेंगे।

हमारे प्यार का मजाक उड़ कर बहुत खुश थे
हमारी परवाह को हमारी कमजोरी समझ लिया
हमारी ख़ामोशी को लाचारी समझ गए
हमारे गुस्से को अपनी तोहीन समझ लिया
हमारी नौकरी को हमारा गुरुर समझ लिया
घर  नहीं  बसना था बोल दिया होता
इतने इलज़ाम का लाबाद तो न लिया होता
कहाँ कहाँ अपने को साबित करते
कम से कम  रिश्ते की अर्थी को कन्धा  ही दे दिया होता।

गुरुवार, 24 अप्रैल 2014

Loving kids

I love my kids 
Stop being perfect parent  What is a perfect ?No one has an answer to that it differs from person to person so let it be
Be a parents not the dictator   tell them but do not expect them to  do it
No ego how can my kid do this to me ! he has to follow what I say ..Before thinking this remember you as a child this is not insult this is love
Kids do as u do  you are angry and hit/shout on your child and child does the same think it that way will make your angry ..but this is what we taught them during tense hours
Expectation level    under and over expectation both are not good keep it simple and nice
Let them think they're way  give them space to fly there thoughts n wings direct them to go on the right way
Doodles and cutting let them doodle and let them cut the way they r doing .U never know when they get creative with it .

Let them know how to cope up with the up and down and let them go with the flow .......

मंगलवार, 22 अप्रैल 2014

Hello to whom so ever it refer XYZ's

I am so called common person in my country . These days I m feeling sad n worried for the future of my country.
Whenever I open the newspaper it is full of the news which make me think what I can do for my country .what I want from my country ?
Answer I find excuses n accuses
I know the population of my country is too much but isn't the resources too? I know we have same number of politician to do that
We have corruption @ all the level but ..are they not well off to feed there 10 Generations ?
We have sanskar to give ... ? Sanskar their is hardly a place where I avoid kids to learn bad things . When open the tv all are fighting n blaming .when I take them to park all adults are arguing or boasting or bitching or show off in respective issues .when I take to temple pandit Ji is telling to pay specific amount of parishad or the adults are breaking lines or getting in from back door
@ home he see his father stressed n puzzle all the time . Sometimes see the parents fighting to fit the budget. Seeing cartoons send them to fantasy world n buy the stuff they love. Festivals are no more family gathering as all are in different corner of world. When grand parents visit they have to bear the burden of comparison from the kids of other relatives.
Nothing is natural .nothing gives Sanskar n parampara. Navratra Pooja is done by so many men but they lost Ctrl after seeing the little girls. No joint families until they need each other. Most of the children lie to parents n big communication gap is their no communication
The film star r cashing the topic n media is bought by the XYZ's..
The basic facilities have big loopholes .There are pros and cons of everything.
But  why building road is a just a contract everyone has to  through the road why it is so hard to keep it best.Why can;t the departments coordinate and do it ...just want to know Why??
Why normal basic things are still difficult to get...
Why the educated person throw the garbage here and there? Why not treaching kids to throw things at specific point?
Why adulteration is still a problem ?
Why the approach and backdoor things are consider?
Why the moral and awareness of people is not ?

शुक्रवार, 18 अप्रैल 2014

keep the pace up!!

I love cloud computing specially when I am handling three different blogs .It makes my work super easy specially when I  have 2 kids.To maintain the pace with blogging is not easy.
My blog need pictures every time, so I have dropbox application making my work easier also I am travelling too much so I need to maintain the track of pictures, itineraries,kids food ,home .......etc etc..
My treat my blog as my work so I am trying to be regular but after a cranky baby birth big move makes thing not like the pace but the keynote keep me updated no matter from where I am and what gadget I have(phone,pad,computer,laptop) Also, I need not to worry about carrying the pictures .I am super happy and super active .


सोमवार, 14 अप्रैल 2014


it happen once  again the pain and agony in the heart i will be filled and no one is here to make her out of it
how difficult to understand the love
love seems to be like the shore of sea,
the storm regularly making it difficult to cross  endless
but it end soon and fill the heart with emotion
drop us to follow up the waves and the storm
as well as tell us calmness which is always shown on the face
despite we r drowning or swimming in  the flood of emotion
where the uncertainty lies of losing or lacking or decline love
but it is never so easy to bear this as it is 
true love is something which is blessed
will be shown by eyes work and sometimes marriage
the love always need the space to breathe
it need time, acceptance and confidence
when u got married u stay 24 hrs together
 u know each other better
there are multiple thing u like
many things u do not even wish to see ever or before
but is the sufficient reason to leave anyone
aren't u r leaving urself behind neither that person
is this ur firmness to love anyone
just put u in the condition when u will be left by someone
sometime this countdown goes till death . 
but do u hav the guts to leave it 
r u able to live without him/her
do u feel u r complete
that's it ...for...this is u r desire 
 I love u saying is up to this level only
recheck and find out the reason is enough to say no to that fellow
the blue feel the lost feel is still utmost
and Finally the social and guilt pressure increase too much