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सोमवार, 24 फ़रवरी 2014


  • Must phase of life to come out of bad feeling
  • Tears shed without any force
  • Feeling of worst as if this has could have happened to your life only
  • Improve in all terms
  • U wish to be near the person u feel intimate with , no matter how far or near that fellow is ….

शनिवार, 22 फ़रवरी 2014


žFeeling of being happy
žGrown up
žAlways bounded (partially in the relation)
žU know u r limits
žLove to enjoy in all situation
žBreak free



¡Every one has this phase of life sooner or later
¡Time to be alone
¡Only wann u to with all
¡Smile ,even it is not original
¡Only share when u start wishing for suicide
¡Time to work out ,where u r wrong
¡Start the hobby again
¡Do not feel the thing as the world wann u to think
¡Start writing
¡Be close to people you have not acquainted
¡Revitalize  yourself
¡Perfect time to judge the people  

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