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बुधवार, 14 अगस्त 2013

हर friend fragrance बढता है :)

I met with a minor accident and I have a minor surgery in my elbow. I was in the hospital for around a day in the government hospital  .I know the smell  was so upsetting in even in the deluxe room .It was my bad that i have to stay  for a day their .I want to go back home and try to convince my parents  .
My best  friend came and we chat for around 2 hrs .She came with the 4(chandan,lavender,rose,mogra ) pack of fragrance stick and   a stand . She lit   four @ time and ask my parents to do that .It come as a blessing we chat for 2 hour and I forgot that I am in the hospital .The packet I left with some and gave it to the people in the general ward .It was more horrible their .
This is life When I  see the best place in the world or  I put the perfume  I remember that night.It might be smelly but sure give a lesson to make it smiling .
हर  friend fragrance बढता है  :)