गुरुवार, 24 अप्रैल 2014

Loving kids

I love my kids 
Stop being perfect parent  What is a perfect ?No one has an answer to that it differs from person to person so let it be
Be a parents not the dictator   tell them but do not expect them to  do it
No ego how can my kid do this to me ! he has to follow what I say ..Before thinking this remember you as a child this is not insult this is love
Kids do as u do  you are angry and hit/shout on your child and child does the same think it that way will make your angry ..but this is what we taught them during tense hours
Expectation level    under and over expectation both are not good keep it simple and nice
Let them think they're way  give them space to fly there thoughts n wings direct them to go on the right way
Doodles and cutting let them doodle and let them cut the way they r doing .U never know when they get creative with it .

Let them know how to cope up with the up and down and let them go with the flow .......