गुरुवार, 7 मार्च 2013


The toy making company are doing all possible things to work on it .The research and more liking and age appropriate and kid's friendly .The age is explained on everything but still I feel all children have there requirement. Also kids have there choice also, we have choices for them .
All parents want to have the best toys for kids they should have but not flooded.It should be like they have some but that keep them really busy we need to shuffle the toys every 10-15 days .If you have a great friend you can share and exchange the toys too.
All toys have the special developmental purpose ..develop it for your kids they grow so fast you can just memorize it and you forgot the challenge but this will grow you as a person.Love it and like it

  • Cognitive brain acceptance and working preference . In detail how child respond to things taught
  • Fine motor hands movement
  • Gross motor walk sit balance ride
  • Communication language n talking
  • Social n emotional the environment friendly,people friendly able to handle the failure as well as success

Enjoy you childhood once more, you will never get it again ...