गुरुवार, 7 मार्च 2013


This is 21st century infants are damn smart .I imagine myself to the well discipline infant (as my mom says..but I do not share ..I feel I was stupid ).

The love and care of kids start as they are in the world we want to make everything  special we decorate the room,gifts,party ,portrait n much more we forgot the teaching ...I am nuts teaching an infant ....yes ..u read it  right ..I know the infan just eat(drink) sleep poo,pee what to teach .?..Being a new parent  is overwhelming and must be shown to the world what u can do for the baby ..but it's better to keep the balance .....so that u can do it for your whole life .....Making life the way u wish for..I know u cannot do it for 10 -15days but after you feel good keep the ball in your court to be less stressed and eventful whole life
  • Make schedule for bathing,feeding,papa time,Massage time,story time
  • Pee  and poo is mostly set
  • An outing time 
  • Previous handy notes for the baby initial problems
  • Sleep in their crib
  • Nap time
  • Think good and feed it in the baby
  • Touch therapy works ..you will believe it

  • Habit of sleeping in you hands or on you 
  • Change in daily schedule 
  • The light change 
  • Diaper changing time 
  • If you are tired do not stress
  • no hesitation in sharing work
  • Target baby for your stress
  • Less stressful in panic situations
  • Plan,balance  and organize 
  • Not to be comparitive 
  • Notes on handy medicine
  • Ways to be happier @ home
  • Overcome being guilty

You are mom no one has the right the decide you are good or best .Every kid is different and you need to just be mom and believe in you make wonder on you and your child.
 Stay happy n moomy