शनिवार, 19 दिसंबर 2009

Understanding love

how difficult to understand the love
It is  like the shore of sea
the storm regularly making it difficult to cross 
but it end soon and fill the heart with emotion
drop us to follow up the waves and the storm
tell us to be calm on  the face
despite we r drowinig or swimming in the flood of emotion
The uncertanity lies of losing ,lacking or declinig of love
It is never so easy to bear this 
True love is something abstractly  blessed
will be shown by eyes ,work ,touch
The love always need the space to breathe
 Need time, respect, acceptance and confidence
Marriage is a lifelong commitment
u know each other better
Extreams of love and hate
Fight and tell harsh hurting words
There are multiple thing u like
Many things u donot even wish to see ever
But bond is so strong donot allow to leave anyone
Aren't u r leaving urself behind neither that person
This is  ur firmness to love anyone
Just put u in the condtion when u will be left by someone
Sometime this countdown goes till death .
But do u have the guts to leave it
r u able to live without him/her
do u feel u r complete
tht's it ...for...this is u r desire
I love u saying is up to this level only
Recheck and findout the reason is enough to say no 
The blue feel the lost feel is still utmost
This countdown goes till death .

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