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रविवार, 2 जुलाई 2017

Anushka....tale of life

It was a casual time of the morning she came to me walking n ask me  to take her godi
that was okay but than she get in my godi 
it was a tough time we are under doctor observation but she was on off want food 
she is getting dull n inactive . 
I have anxiety in my body but want to look balanced so not sharing
on 8 oct me n my husband decided to go for ultrasound which is left 
we went to our friends laboratory only
she was not okay ...but we are not able to judge what's wrong?
He suggested to go to the nearby pediatric we went there ...
he observe her sensorium is less 
and admit her
her heartbeat and  breathing rate was not normal by the night she was on ventilator n next dayshe sha has to go for ultrasound 
she went our all friends were there to visit us
i peak in the MRI room n found a big patch n feel it was nothing 
pediatric didi said do not worry nothing is there 
I was shivering n cry n not able to get where we are n where we can 

n news was broken to us she has 7 cm brain tumor 
we broke down