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गुरुवार, 24 नवंबर 2016

Perfect Road trip

For me the perfect road trip will be when my kids and husband also the other friends enjoy it to the fullest.I love to travel also drive but I have  limitation when my kids are there the weather , there holidays and company and health are the main consideration before planning a trip .But still my passion for travel is nonetheless but I have a big list always ready to travel. Most of my trip are planned after kids even a day before but before that I have many random trip too.Trust me the fun is same in both just the company matters a lot . Some time alone sometime with the company both are fun .
I have a so much of the love  the trip was from SFO to LA in  USA .We just decided to move a day before.We pack everything. It  was summer but weather was just awesome and perfect for drive. My son was 1 and half @that time .We do not have to stop @rest area so many time just 2 halts in the 6 hr drive is sufficient .

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