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मंगलवार, 15 दिसंबर 2015

Be the change --different able or disabable

We saw the disable give some  thoughts move ahead without thinking that our curious eyes  n  thought should have given a pain in heart that will always make him feel different. 
These thoughts  reflecting our brain is more paralyze than to  person who is differently able or disable.
Sometimes a person who has seen a close member in the same place will understand the pain andod never give this situation to anyone in the world .
Alas! thats the truth ..
Ask the question from yourself 
CAn you allow your kid to play with a DA ?
What if you do and your kid copy the DA ?Will you be comfortable ?
What  if your kid DA after some years will your perception change ?
What if DA sit with your kid in class?
Do you request a seat change ?
Will you work under the DA person?'
Will you accept the DA wife/husband?

Hope you got my point ...
We want to change the society but  we ready to change the us ?
Can you stop your curiosity if you see a disable person and there family?
Can you stop praying that the person life bear no value DA should be dead or something like that?

I m sure may of you can't ..
Can you offer a day to stay at there home and take care?
Can you tell them your son or daughter will marry?
Can you tell them you can cook food n pass to them ?
Can you provide them a month of food ?

Think n React