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मंगलवार, 22 अप्रैल 2014

Hello to whom so ever it refer XYZ's

I am so called common person in my country . These days I m feeling sad n worried for the future of my country.
Whenever I open the newspaper it is full of the news which make me think what I can do for my country .what I want from my country ?
Answer I find excuses n accuses
I know the population of my country is too much but isn't the resources too? I know we have same number of politician to do that
We have corruption @ all the level but ..are they not well off to feed there 10 Generations ?
We have sanskar to give ... ? Sanskar their is hardly a place where I avoid kids to learn bad things . When open the tv all are fighting n blaming .when I take them to park all adults are arguing or boasting or bitching or show off in respective issues .when I take to temple pandit Ji is telling to pay specific amount of parishad or the adults are breaking lines or getting in from back door
@ home he see his father stressed n puzzle all the time . Sometimes see the parents fighting to fit the budget. Seeing cartoons send them to fantasy world n buy the stuff they love. Festivals are no more family gathering as all are in different corner of world. When grand parents visit they have to bear the burden of comparison from the kids of other relatives.
Nothing is natural .nothing gives Sanskar n parampara. Navratra Pooja is done by so many men but they lost Ctrl after seeing the little girls. No joint families until they need each other. Most of the children lie to parents n big communication gap is their no communication
The film star r cashing the topic n media is bought by the XYZ's..
The basic facilities have big loopholes .There are pros and cons of everything.
But  why building road is a just a contract everyone has to  through the road why it is so hard to keep it best.Why can;t the departments coordinate and do it ...just want to know Why??
Why normal basic things are still difficult to get...
Why the educated person throw the garbage here and there? Why not treaching kids to throw things at specific point?
Why adulteration is still a problem ?
Why the approach and backdoor things are consider?
Why the moral and awareness of people is not ?