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गुरुवार, 13 मार्च 2014

I discover it ..

हर सफ़र कुछ कहता है ,मेरा यह सफ़र बहुत  कुछ कहता है
for loved once I can go any far ---first time travel with baby  also first time international travel alone ..

Such a lovely contest it reminds me of one thing only I was in US and my son was born no one is able to make it there .I went through  a tough postpartum.all went well but when I did all the rituals ,but there is a something emotional that even having so many members we r doing it like that ..

जिससे करना है वो कहीं से भी कर ही देगा।
My son was lucky that he has great grand parents too I want him to be blessed by them.  so decided to travel  with my son as dear husband have no holiday. Besides knowing travel is going to be tough I decide to travel 24 hr journey with 4hr halt in london. My son was  good baby but not in the flight he make me so famous everyone knew me when I landed.I felt crying , tired n embarrassed. Despite of doing all the preparations I was able to discover the patience level in me  ..:).

As soon as I saw the family members everything gone away and feel "I Did IT"
When I met the family n make my son visit his great grand parents and grandparents I feel my work is done.They still love me for that :)...
Now ,everyone knows I can go any far to
Today I am laughing and feel pity for the passengers. I decide I will never tell or irritate if any kid is crying ....every journey persist the memories ...which continues until the last journey ..may we ll have many more ..

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