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रविवार, 8 दिसंबर 2013

Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Hey this is the awesome days for some (mostly ladies) and awful for some .... mostly men that is how we have been forced to grow and be a part of it .All jokes all movie and everything indicate that men does a lot to get married and is so called " poor guy ".......
Seriously you need  spend alone time for anniversary celebration ....All my friends  does this ..Me and my DH decide to go alone this time we leave our kids to  day center  ..
we decide a good romantic dim light and sea side high end restaurant.I buy a costly dress so do my DH
We sit in our HE SUV
We sit give with kids to drop them @ day care
I just gave then a 10 min hugs and bye ..and a sheet of instruction to the nanny  bag of dresses and blankets with favourite toy for both my kids a big lunch pack and again a sheet for what to give and what not....(She was looking me furiously and I was furious why ..heartless women?)
then say bye
15 minutes of drive to our i just remember I forgot to tell her to click the picture just in case if my kids do something unusual... so I called her for 20 minutes to tell if they do something "unusual "(how she knows unusal ?)please click it .
We r already there ...I m just looking at my dh
with love and thank and meeting first time just want to sat his phone ring ...
he just pick up and said I will call u later ..he is with me and celebrating anniversary alone
We sit they give us mineral water (my heart was beating high with price thought )
I again look at him want o thank for lovely evening .......but
we got a band people around me with some unheard song they r playing
I just love it ....but my dh can't hear it ..light id so dim that he can't even look in my eyes
I am about to hold the hand of my dh waiter brought the menu card and ......
They give us a menu I saw and ask 25 questions to what oil ,spices (i am lactovegan )...
Now I just almost  jumped to hold his hand and ..............
Manager come with a complimentary deal of tonight ...my dh talk to her for 10 min...
I started missing my kids and thinking what they are doing !!
Soup is served we eat it ..........and my dh said I love(you too but ) when my son eat with him (aww he is missing him) ..let me pack one for him too ..
I smiled and thought we think so much alike :)
We eat main course with a music aside and look in eyes hopefully with a smile exchange why we choose it ..?
As the waiter ask for dessert he said no (I was so happy third time we think alike )
He just pay the bill and warm hug before sitting in the car .....
Took few seconds to collect them and rush too our favourite coldstone to have family favourite  ice cream shop to celebrate the occasion our way ..we share hugs we dance and sing and look each other clearly walking hand in hand wishing happy anniversary aloud ...
That day was our freedom to express our way ........
We enjoy the dinner but  if not then this is also cool way ......to celebrate ......
I just up with the dream sequence (lolllllllzzzzzzz) and big smile
I called the favourite dinner of our and nice candle light in my little patio and kids sleep early hopefully ...
Gifts ..".Love no matter what "