शनिवार, 30 नवंबर 2013

Life is really different

My marriage was fix superquick I have less than  a month to get hitched.I have one of my best friend with me rest are out of town we have the major places to go and enjoy the fun .As I am moving out of country so I have lot to do in short period of time.We decided to go to the local  place we hang out .Being foodie we have to go all shops from thela to big name restaurant in the city .
We have our favourite starting from chatwala to pastry shop to every food place in town ..:)

I still remember we are like free birds .We work six days and then on weekends we go to movies.. every fair in town like crazy..our horns are known by our mothers
...These are sweet memories ..just treasure it on our hearts..Life is different and priorities are different I am grateful that I had that life

Thanks for reminding me the craziness once again