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गुरुवार, 14 नवंबर 2013

Healthy body Healthy mind happy life ..

I am so much cautious when it comes to health .The mommy of two cuties make me over cautious about what and how to eat.I am lucky-- my grandmother told me many no side effect recipe to prevent day to day illness .
  • The food combination mention in ayurveda according to the weather is something I love to follow
  • A good massage increase the weight and also colon disappear
  • The tear gland closing also gets better.
  • The vinegar cures my dandruff 
  • I have all natural cleansers  for home -borax, vinegar and  hydrogen peroxide 
  • Using apple cider vinegar as hair conditioner 
  • Eating ginger powder keep the baby and mommy tummy fit.
  • The gripe water help in digestion.
  • The aloe vera cures  on skin infection .
  • The calcarea phos was given when they have teeth on the way 
  • Flex seeds and chia seeds in food make it more healthy 
  • Research is important before taking anything everybody is different and react differently
  • I do not give honey to my kids till 1 yr .
  • Nutmeg powder help to prevent cough and cold .
The chemically medicine affect worse the sensitive non immune baby's skin and body organs.I do not find justified with the infant to kids until they have immunity to feed the chemicals  .(until have medical problem)\
I have seen this all being used since ages just because they are effective and worth the need ,
My Grandparents --> my parents---> now me --->my kids
Stay healthy stay happy 

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