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बुधवार, 5 जून 2013

Seema --opted a boundary

The regrets of life are that that big that we can forgot to live the happiness out of it .In the most difficult time of life we learn the biggest lessons and friendships .The bad time might be big but when it end it gives peace .
It not a race of men and women ..not the race of families ...its the race of respectful survival and importance existence...Which should be understood by all the human being for the well being of world .Again I try to confine me to a relationships  and try to get the solution .Hope you enjoy it ....Love n hugs ...

I sat with seema and find her in great grief
I have no words to tell her all persons near me are shocked ........as she ran and hugged me and burst into tears..
I am unable to react but can her pain and tears  upset me a lot ..
i can feel the depth of her pain ...but where this pain come from... Is Shrey all right ............?kids ....? financial  loss ....? .on occasion of her silver jubilee marriage anniversary
I took her in there was long silence .........  I am not able to  get her why..?
then  she said Shrey and she had the worst relationship ever she had ...............
I was so shocked ...the relation that all friends and relatives think is the best she is saying it worst ...............
I really want to console her but my words are lost and the best moments of there relation just flowing like a film reel in my eyes then ........my mind start searching for the flaws in it ...I recollect myself and try to work as the situation demands take her inside the room and ask everyone to enjoy the party ....
We went inside I ask Shrey to handle everyone outside I will just work up with her
.I pat her sit her down give her a glass of water  she seems settled ....
I want she should tell me but I guess she is not able to so I ask her to say ..
She said "rit... " thats what she call me
I was in hell from last 25 years of marriage -- I want to do this  all my life on all anniversary on all birthdays do not know what stop me .........finally everybody knows it
I  was living the way he want me to do -- cook, eat,  go,  learn things,  am dead 24 years back we fight daily  without any reason

I am  staying here just because I can't leave things  what not I try to save for my family till my son is independent...If I remain quite and do all things together then ...  it is good  else there is yelling ,fighting , abusing at its peak  .............No matter what ....no matter the reason ...........do not know what can make him upset
I respect everybody .....do I need to be diplomatic to my husband .....
I do clean, iron, cook, go for  my check up myself , teach play and care  for my son, 
he does lot of work  go to office come from office do not know what he do there ...but when he come back he neither play with my son nor talk to me  just chat with his friends and family .....
..no matter what we do at home ....even if we are ill do not ask for it or take feed back on phone   call only when he wants............go to the places he like and even force us to go there 
We are not  family so no family time ........do not want to eat with us but want to served as soon as i say ........
If I ask him I want to go some where he will find an excuse or start acting weird  he want me to be obedient and quite may be yes man ship types ..............if he take me to mall then he want to eat his good food but do not want to serve me..anything ..... so cheap........... he can spend and lay any money to his friends even unknown one  .............he just do not allow me  to get into the mall i have to come out without anything in hand  he says he is different yes he is ................as soon as i bu anything start telling me the bill and amount.......but he eats chicken daily do he ever discussed the bill ................no he will not  and never ..he go to go good restaurants and take us to the cheapest possible place to dine...........
Think 1000 times before admitting my son to any class or  for his toys
I know it is hard for you but what do you want now ..?You want to leave and step out or stay here ..?
I want to leave this place ...
Are you sure ..?
I guess
Do you have conversation ..?Do you feel you are always right ?you ever thought what he is trying to tell you?
He never talk to me we only fight ..what you are trying to say .?
I am just telling sometimes the perception are different and you take it other way ...he took it other way
In 100 % marriages there are problems but the fact is we have to overcome by our means before it gets worse -- many people make it a habit-- many people sit and sort out -- some take time and come out of it ---the women by her humor make it good .you need to chill and relax and stop thinking about everything .
I know its being 25 yrs you need to give at least 25 more days with a new perception to your marriage may be he will melt and tell you everything .
he is a heartless men he will never
the time,age and settlement make things better I just want you to give some time to it .only 25 days but you need to write up the things you love and hate about him and you sit back and sort out or may be by doing that you get your answers ...
Because you are saying so I can do it but I know it is not going to work
I know it will work ...Seema you need to break the boundary
After 25 days
Thanks Sweetheart it worked and I am better person now ...........
I told you enjoy you past 25 yrs .......with coming one :) Shrey and Seema --

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