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शुक्रवार, 8 मार्च 2013

Women's Day

All are the days of women .But we celebrate and give gratitude and thanks to all the women in the world for what they did . It is just not the word or wish it is by heart acceptance that you can give respect and position of women no matter what.If you do not feel like that then you challenge it by your saying rest day we need not to respect n much more . No one is forcing  you to do so .
But, also challenge mother's day  that she is just a mother for one day rest days she is nothing .
A day is made to take a resolution you will do specific things at that time .
Love and respect is what women needs you cannot catgorise it as mother ,sister or some bar dancer or slut or anything like that they are ultimately women .We women do bitch about it .So a day when women need to feel special about her .

You should have guts  to face and tell the men no matter father,brother or a friend to respect it .
Can you stop your father when talking to your mother in high pitch or someone who is staring your sister with an intention of harassment ?May be you can... most of you can ........
Can you accept and respect your girl friend if she spend a night with you.....?
Can you accept your wife as she is ..?
Can you help HIV women to make her single day good?
Can you tell you mom how much you like to watch sexy women but can't see your wife for it .?
You are in the dilemma of relationship and just being me making you harsh enough to just give an insightful  testimony of women ...
Can you marry your  daughter with  this person  mentality..?
 Anyways I am not judging anything just think why anything with women is so questionable?
I feel may be those people (men n women ) are self obsessed  and never meet the good side of person .

I am not explaining but I am showing you the another part of it .I am not being rebellious or protective but I respect human being and the women who did exceptionally good.I am lucky to have  my mother,my mil,my grand mil ,my sisters ,also thanks to men in life who respect for being what I am ..if not then even I am okay :)..
Men and women are parallel not the rivals. If both spread love n respect life is wonderful ..
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