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शुक्रवार, 25 जून 2010


Friendzship is the eternal part of life where we learn to grow revise ,live and forget rest,
We share laughter's and sorrows together,
We share the deepest corner of our heart,
Even we r apart in our streams still we r
together, even we got married ,
We share small happiness , burst laughs ,
Come out of deeper sorrows ,shedding bucket full of tears on the shoulders
We broke the wall of formality hesitation and become weird,
Whole world sounds worthless,
Our all stupid plans work like anything ,watch movies ,fares, kitties, restaurants garden temple all
We freak out on peaks and made the world so small to catch up in few turns,
Its was so wonderful and unforgettable to come out ,
only memory give us support and provoke us,
Motivate us to grow,
how important and precious those days are,
where we have spent our time without looking pros cons having don't care condition follow the lives like this way only
Love to be this manner, it is for one time only.
Making best memories out to live forever…………..

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