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बुधवार, 30 जून 2010

Is this happy living?

The most part of life is empty and uncured
We live just because we are not dead
We love because we are fool
We die for someone because we wann someone to die for us
We hate someone to show how good we are
We get irritated because we believe we are more knowledgeable and one cannot work without us
We miss someone because that person is not giving us importance
We forget something to show us busy
We remind someone when we face difficulty
We help someone so that someone should help us when we need
We dream because we cannot reach there
We plan because we can make it successful
We lie as we find the front person fool
We are true because we trust
We cry as we felt sad inside deeply
We smile as we are full of joy
Always anywhere every where only us and for us
Never clear in our thoughts
Is this all called living life happily ?

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