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रविवार, 25 जुलाई 2010

Just…… a thought away

The obstacles of life
The failures of life
The tears u drop
The hurt u felt in the heart
The passages closed for u
The closed hands
The lost confidence
Can see only the back of people
The crude smile on the faces
The closed doors
The place where no one is known to u
You Are  criticized by every one
You Are  left by loved ones
You Are  all alone
But You Are just a thought away
You  have to overcome this phase of life
You  are a winner
This phase of life comes in every one’s life
Where no one is there to share the heart
Just a feel to get out of it
It is a feel you  can’t even come out it nor u can stand
Still you have to go on.
After bearing all this You  are ready to enjoy each moment of life
You can face any situation, you can deal any problem ,you can understand other’s problem
You are able to trace the hidden paths of the life
You will fulfill your dreams
You are ,Just a thought away

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