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मंगलवार, 20 जुलाई 2010

Is this all so big……………..

Shattering of the target
Losing the loved once
Failures of life
Does they are so big that we should decide to compromise the most precious gift of GOD - our life
Why don’t we make memories of loved ones our strength
Why do not we try to learn, from our failures
Why we make the target that are so difficult to obtain , do these target really u want to achieve or just the pressure u have
So better stabilize u r self , Think once more
Are u good human being?
Do u work for others without any expectation just because u want to do it?
do u have any bad habits?
Can u love a person astatically ?
Can u tell the truth to a person and help them to come out of it ?
Do u wish to help the person who are tired and exhausted?
Do u have any wish u really wann to fulfill with the most deepest corner of u r heart then just go for it
Do u try to find the alternate of the problem rather then analyzing its size?
U too have a right to live
Let u open u r wings and spread the love ,care ,dedication to those to those who need us
No matter that person is ur known or unknown

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